Homemade Rasam powder │How to make Rasam powder at home?

Homemade Rasam powder is used to make South India’s most relished authentic traditional dish Rasam.

Rasam is eaten with cooked rice.

Rasam with warm rice, potato fry, and papad/apalam, would be a very delicious meal combination to eat. My favorite too.

Rasam means “rasa or juice. South Indian’s afternoon meal is incomplete without this soupy and spicy dish.

We can consume it as such in the form of soup. Even some people like to eat Idlis with rasam instead of chutney.

Generally, we south Indians are habituated with having our afternoon meal starting with little sambar rice, then with little rasam rice and finally with little curd rice.

But now with the due course of time, these traditional food practices and eating habits are changing.

It is very easy to prepare and is very good for digestion as it includes some species like Cumin/jeera & pepper etc.

That’s why Rasam rice is given to small children. And also to people who have poor digestion.

It helps to prevent constipation. Some people say it also helps in weight loss.

Making Rasam becomes easier and faster if we have this chemical-free and preservative-free homemade Rasam powder at home.

With this homemade Rasam powder, we can make different types of Rasam like.

  • Lentils/dal Rasam (toor dal)
  • Drumstick leaves Rasam
  • Lemon Rasam
  • Amla/Indian Gooseberry Rasam
  • Horsegram/kollu/Kulitti Rasam
  • Tomato Rasam
  • Beetroot Rasam
  • Mysore Rasam
  • The list goes on and on ………………..!

Come let’s start making it,

Homemade Rasam powder Ingredients and Preparation method.

Cuisine:-South Indian

Preparation Time 5 mins
Cooking Time 10 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Serves 2 to 3 servings

homemade rasam powder ingredients
Ingredients for Rasam powder.
1.Coriander seeds 2 tbsps;
2.Toor dal/Pigeon pea 2 tbsps;
3.Black pepper 1 tbsps;
4.Whole Red chilies 4 numbers;
5.Cumin seeds 1 tbsps;
6.Curry leaves 5 – 6 leaves;


1. Before beginning, make sure we have all these above-mentioned ingredients ready with us.

2. Then turn on the stove. Keep a pan on the stove.

3. We must make sure the stove is on low flame otherwise it will burn the ingredients.

4. Now add the ingredients, start by adding coriander seeds followed by toor dal, cumin seeds, pepper, red chillies, and curry leaves one by one.

5. Dry roast them till we smell a nice and spicy aroma of the spices.

6. Once done, turn off the flame.

7. Allow them to cool completely.

8. Now transfer them to a mixer jar and make a coarse powder.

9. After that allow the powder to cool down. Rasam powder is ready.

10. Then finally transfer it to an airtight container.

11. Add the required amount of this powder whenever you prepare rasam.

Note: –

1.Roast on low flame.

2. Store in an airtight container.

 3. Quantity of pepper and red chilies can be varied based on our requirements.

 4. We can add 1tbsp of rasam powder for preparing rasam for four people.

5. I have not included turmeric powder and asafoetida, as these two ingredients can be added during Rasam preparation.

6. I don’t suggest making in a large quantity and storing it, as it may lose its aroma. The measurements given above can be used twice or thrice to prepare the dish.

7. But it is up to you, how much quantity you want to prepare and store for your easy cooking.

Make delicious rasam with this homemade rasam powder and relish it with your entire family. And share your feelings and experiences with me by commenting below.

Happy cooking!!!!!!!!!!!!

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